Welcome to the Impulse Accelerator Virtual Demo Day!

The Impulse Accelerator Demo Day was meant to celebrate the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs of our 2020 Cohort during an event that was originally planned for 08/04/2020 in Casablanca. The overall context changed our plans… for the better, as we can now offer all our followers this unique experience!

The highlight of this virtual Demo Day is obviously the pitches from our entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, which you can access by scrolling down. You can also get in touch with them by following the links provided.

Last but not least, you will find few introduction videos as well as a video summarizing some of the intense moments of our acceleration program. We hope you will enjoy watching the Impulse Accelerator Demo Day as much as we have enjoyed creating value with our stellar change makers!


Adnane Alaoui Soulimani, Impulse Accelerator Program Director
Matt Lashmar, MassChallenge Switzerland Managing Director



Founders pitches



AGROOP is developing technological solutions for crop monitoring, resources management, risk prevention and optimization of agricultural production.


ColdHubs is manufacturing 100% solar-powered cold-rooms, allowing merchants and farmers to store perishable goods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


DataFarm is collecting geolocated farm’s agronomic data to identify limiting agronomic factors and reduce the gap between the potential yield and the actual yield.


eProd Solutions is providing technology solutions for the agricultural sector allowing to estimate farmer produce food safety and nutritional value.


Esoko is providing a technology platform that connects rural Africans to innovative financial services, markets and information services.


Farmcrowdy provides farmers with smart farming techniques, quality farm inputs, and access to the superior markets to earn a decent profit margin.


Foodlocker aggregates the outputs of smallholder farmers and FMCGs and sells to large buyers.


innovative, low-cost production of green feed through automated hydroponic systems.


LONO is a bioprocess engineering company, providing solutions for smallholder farmers and agro-industries to valorize their waste.


Moldiag is developing and producing innovative and cost-effective diagnostic tests for the detection and the quantification of several markers for human, animal and plant diseases.

Safi Organics

Safi Organics is using technology to decentralize fertilizer production and improve rural farmers' access to high-quality fertilizers.


SATGRIE offers a sensor-based IOT system that collects and analyzes soil data in order to determine the nutritional needs of cultivated plants


SAYeTECH develops smart machines for African agriculture

Social Lender

Social Lender is a fintech solution that helps financial institutions offer financial services based on Social Reputation to underbanked populations.


Strayos is a 3D aerial intelligence platform designed for mining, construction and infrastructure operations.

TROTRO Tractor

TROTRO Tractor is an agricultural technology company that connects small farmers with tractors and other agricultural machinery services via a digital platform.


AgriEdge provides farmers with precise recommendations on fertilization and irrigation and connects them to the inputs and offtake markets.


Independent Business Owner connects smallholder farmers to harvests’ buyers, inputs’ sellers and agronomic experts through a digital platform humanized by an independent agents network.


OCP Maintenance Solutions assists its different clients to adopt key practices on maintenance and reliability using expertise and digitalization technologies.

OCP Tech

OCP Technology transforms machinery in the chemical industry into a service allowing plant managers and owners to focus on their core businesses.



Throwback to an intense acceleration program